Essex Dermatology

Skin that’s in.

Essex Dermatology is a premier medical and cosmetic dermatology practice located in vibrant Essex, Connecticut.


Project Goals

To help Essex Dermatology further establish themselves as the go-to for all dermatology services, the Julia Balfour team started from scratch (no prior website!) to create their internet presence. With a goal to affirm the practice as THE foremost experts in the field, the team also made sure to maintain the gentle calmness of their office and marry it to the beauty of their Essex backdrop.

What We Did:

  • Website Design & Coding
  • Custom Content Creation
  • Information Architecture

Modern Meets Essex


With the only branding consisting of a royal blue nautical logo, our creative team was working with an almost clean slate. Building off of the anchor in the logo, nautical accents like waves, shoreline textures, and gently animating buttons were folded in, as well as gentle and complementary light blues. Glowing, clear skin close-ups rounded out the brand expansion, making the site feel like you just stepped into Essex Dermatology’s calming office.


Audience Segmentation


A major goal of our client was to affirm the idea that dermatologists aren’t just for skin checks and acne care — they can do so much more. From there, we created a section of the homepage curated for different groups of people. Through an audience segmented, interactive row we could speak directly to millennials, young adults, middle-aged women, and men about which cosmetic and medical dermatology services were suited for their specific needs.

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