Developed by Dara Levy, DERMAFLASH is an exfoliating device specifically created for the delicate skin on a woman’s face.

Beautiful partnership, beautiful skin

DERMAFLASH & Julia Balfour

While paving the way for a revolution in at-home spa treatments, DERMAFLASH has gained momentum and praise within the beauty industry. DERMAFLASH joined forces with Julia Balfour in early 2016, together building upon their brand identity and expanding their loyal customer base. This was achieved with a thorough creative strategy that included social media direction and production, email marketing, website design and development, packaging and print collateral.

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DERMAFLASH’s social media platforms serve as a source of beauty inspiration, brand updates and women empowerment. The brand and it’s followers have formed an online social community where they ask questions, share advice and dish on all things DERMAFLASH.


DERMAFLASH’s email subscribers have grown from 700 to 3,000 with an average email open rate of 21% since Julia Balfour joined Dermaflash’s team. This email strategy focuses on promotion awareness, events, appearances, brand and holiday announcements. The Dermaflash email strives to excite and delight the customer through visually creative graphics, imagery and copy.


21000Follower Increase

DERMAFLASH’s Instagram account has grown from 3,000 followers before partnership with Julia Balfour, to 24,000 followers today. The strategy for Instagram was to keep all posts visually attractive and copy catchy and engaging. More conversation about giveaways are communicated through this channel. All Instagram imagery focuses primarily on the product while showcasing a creative environment.

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32000like increase

DERMAFLASH’s Facebook account has jumped to 50,000 followers, versus 18,000 from before these teams, teamed up. The strategy for Facebook focuses more on informational and inspirational posts, trends and before & afters. Facebook also served as the main platform for customer engagement, conversation and feedback. Unique Facebook Ads run in addition to the page updates targeting a large demographic of potential customers.

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