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The Magic

Our Team

The team at Julia Balfour, LLC is comprised of a brilliant group of life-long learners with a diverse skillset. With over a decade of experience creating for some of the world’s leading brands, we’ve taken that expertise and shaped it into a boutique studio devoted to amazing designs and development innovations. Our unique combination of skills and talents has created a pool of unmatched creativity.

Meet the Team


Our ship is steered by a small group of leaders who spend their days in the trenches with the rest of the team. We’re big believers in “doing the work,” and know there’s power and purpose in keeping everyone involved in the nitty gritty.

Our Services

What We Do

We’re incredibly proud of everything we create, and we enjoy the journey to its finish. With our team of cross-trained specialists we have the skills to complete any project, print or digital, big or small. Each project is based on solid research, industry analysis, innovative design, and a big dose of creativity.

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Home, Sweet Home

The Clubhouse

We call home our cozy Clubhouse in the picturesque heart of downtown East Haddam, Connecticut. In 2020, we moved our whole team to working remotely and made the move from our 1800s gothic victorian office to our new spot right across the street. While we long for the days where we are able to collaborate in person, we’re making the most of our virtual time.

Our Values

Inspire Change

In us. In our partners. In the world.

Pour Love

Everywhere we go. In everything we do.

Create Growth

Take things and make them better.


Our Legacy

The Julia Story

The story of Julia Balfour, LLC began in 2011 when Julia opened the agency out of her kitchen in Old Lyme, CT. Within a few short years she had built a list of extraordinary clients, a talented multi-disciplinary team, incredible reputation, and lined the agency walls with awards along the way. Lots of things have changed (hello, East Haddam!), but one thing has always been true: everything we do has to be the best thing we’ve ever created.

We lost Julia in 2020, but her legacy is carried on through the lessons she taught us, the independence she gave us, and the implicit trust she had in everyone that worked with her.

Xoxo, Jul