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Hartford HealthCare has built a reputation for being a reliable and respected news source for health, healthcare, and medical issues and community interest stories. They pride themselves on constantly creating new, intriguing original content that both the medical community and the local or national community can find of interest. With such a great volume of content being generated daily for each of 18 institutions, the need arose for a custom online newsroom to keep a constant stream of online content organized for easy searching, and enjoyable browsing.


So we created the Hartford HealthCare NewsHub.



A newsworthy site


The Hartford HealthCare NewsHub is a place for public and private news articles and content across 15 different publications to be created and easily maintained by any and all copywriters throughout Hartford HealthCare.

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How it Works

Create and publish news to any platform from a singular source

Public Websites

Create consumer facing articles and publish onto any public facing website.

Private Intranet

Push internal news to the network wide intranet and segment onto any organization's page.

Email Marketing

Aggregate articles and send them out in an email blast by subscriber list.