Julia Balfour, LLC is 10 today!


We can hardly believe we’re saying (shouting) this, but — JULIA BALFOUR, LLC IS TEN TODAY!

The JB Team, May 17, 2021

It’s been a long and winding road from our start in Julia’s kitchen to where we are now, but through these past 10 years we have rolled with the punches and grown with every hurdle that has been thrown in our way.

That said, we would be nowhere without the relentless passion of our talented team, the inspiring partnerships with our beloved clients, and the support from our community.

In all honesty, sometimes we have to pinch ourselves and ask — how did we got so lucky to do what we love with the best people in the world?

We may be celebrating from afar this year, and sadly we are celebrating without our fearless visionary, Julia, but just know that we are doing cartwheels from our home offices and eagerly waiting for the day we can throw that anniversary carnival with you all.

We did it Julia, and we know we’re making you proud!

So from us to you: Thank you for being part of this fantastic journey — here’s to 10 more years of inspiring change, pouring love, and creating growth.