You are fierce and glow from within.

Developed by Dara Levy, DERMAFLASH is a revolutionary, at-home dermaplaning device specifically created for the peach fuzz and delicate skin on a woman’s face.

Project Goals

With a partnership that began in 2016, DERMAFLASH embarked a rebranding mission for the second iteration of their cult-favorite tool (hi Sephora and QVC!). Working together, the teams at DERMAFLASH and Julia Balfour rebuilt the DF brand from the ground up — and it all began and culminated in a brand book. Simultaneously designing new packaging and the brand ethos, the DERMAFLASH brand book was created to answer any and all questions of what the brand can and can’t do — our Glow Girl’s bible.

What We Did:

  • Brand Book & Style Guide Design
  • Copywriting
  • Custom Production


The DERMAFLASH brand brings the soft (like peach fuzz!) and the sharp (like the device’s edge) together into one look. Pairing pastels with deep, bright colors, and soft textures with a hard 45º angle, we worked with the team at DERMAFLASH to establish a brand that incorporated both sides of the device, and of its user. Fusing these details, a holographic texture, and tons of girl power, the DERMAFLASH brand book was born.


Straight from a glow girl


One of the largest goals in creating this brand book was to establish how the DERMAFLASH brand sounded. What did they say when they were talking about their creator? How did they talk to their users? What did the brand most value and embody? What kind of tone and feel did everything coming from the brand sound like? All those answers are in the brand book. Working with the people that know the product best, the Julia Balfour team wrote custom copy and content to help establish the sound of the brand. Every headline and every paragraph in the book itself exemplify the values and the tone of the brand.

Yes, you can do that

Logo Guidelines

After creating the new logo system for DERMAFLASH, our creative team wanted to make sure that guidelines were set and included so that the brand would always shine wherever it was. A very important section, the Logo Guidelines are there to help figure out what piece of the system to use and how to use it. No crowding, no stretching, no disrupting here!

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