Pursuit of Pastry Branding

Worth the whisk.

Pursuit of Pastry is (in our very biased opinion) the most wonderful bakery on the Connecticut Shoreline and beyond. Featuring breads and desserts baked with a dash of love and a heaping tablespoon of French flair, their sweets are not one to miss.

Project Goals

Jill, the founder of PoP, came to Julia Balfour in pursuit (see what we did there?) of updated, cohesive branding that would send her bakery to the next level. Our goal was to create a modern, fun, and bright identity for Pursuit that reflected the quality of their desserts while giving a nod to their French roots. With a custom, hand-drawn script and bold pinks and blues, we updated their color palette and typography while keeping their fan favorite teal boxes.

We also made sure to feature two important visuals in the new brand. An abstract, geometric, striped awning for the awnings in the PoP shop, and the raining sprinkles were important to include — they do dream in sprinkles after all.

What We Did:

  • Branding
  • Brand Guidelines