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Specializing in both aesthetic and reconstructive plastic surgery, Dr. Pathy of Northeast Plastic Surgery has made a name for himself as the person to go to for plastic surgery. While his medical knowledge is off the charts, it’s his warm personality and genuine, caring demeanor that make his patients rave.

Project Goals

Dr. Pathy and NEPSC came to the Julia Balfour team to help create a presence in the digital social world. Through a knowledgeable and friendly tone of voice, Dr. Pathy emerged into the Instagram world giving his virtual followers a taste of what his patients get in real life — trust in him as a doctor AND as a human being.

What We Did:

  • Instagram
  • Content Creation
  • Daily Posting
  • Community Management
  • Copywriting
  • Photography

Modern techniques, traditional care

The Look

With the biggest goal in Dr. Pathy’s social strategy being to present him as both a knowledgable doctor and a person you want to be around, the Julia Balfour team set out to create a feed to teach, familiarize, and share. We wanted to show what Dr. Pathy’s work life and his personal life was like, so we utilized graphics, custom photography and videography to tell stories. What is being a patient at NEPSC like? What is working with Dr. Pathy like? What is his favorite book? And what the heck is a Mommy Makeover? Teach, familiarize, share. The added touch was to infuse elements from the Northeast Plastic Surgery office in all photography and graphics.


It's a Conversation

Community Management

Throughout the social partnership between Dr. Pathy and Northeast Plastic Surgery, the Julia Balfour team worked to build an Instagram presence from the ground up. As with all projects here at Julia Balfour, we started with research, created Dr. Pathy’s  persona and an editorial calendar, created all custom content (images, graphics, and captions, oh my!), managed posting, and actively engaged with the community. Every comment was responded to, and business and accounts from the surrounding community were actively engaged in.

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