Maddy Mattson Social Media

The Connecticut Martha Stewart.

Maddy Mattson is a Coldwell Banker Realtor (and personality!) representing stunning homes on the Connecticut Shoreline.

Project Goals

Having known each other from around town, Maddy Mattson came to the Julia Balfour team for a new vision for her social media presence. With a sole focus on Instagram, we sought to establish Maddy as the “Martha Stewart” of the Connecticut shoreline. Not only focusing on the multi-million dollar properties she was representing, the goal was to show the other side of Maddy — the person her clients would be working closely with — and have an Instagram feed that would feature that.

What We Did:

  • Instagram
  • Content Creation
  • Daily Posting
  • Community Management
  • Copywriting
  • Photography

The Realtor Lifestyle

The Look

When it came to the posts that make up Maddy’s Instagram feed, we knew it had to be a mixture of the magnificent properties she was representing, and beautiful lifestyle shots. The Julia Balfour team was able to use bright, visually stunning images from her listings and came up with a photography style that would compliment the homes — bright light, warm and inviting colors, and intriguing compositions that help the world see into Maddy’s private life. The goal was to create images that reflected the glow and energy of being with Maddy herself.

MADDY IG Maddy on Dock
MADDY IG Biscuits

We Hear You

Community Management

During our partnership with Maddy Mattson, the Julia Balfour team was responsible for Maddy Mattson’s Instagram from start to finish. The team started with research, created a persona and an editorial calendar, created all content (we’re talking images, graphics, captions, hashtags), posted to the account, and managed the community. No comment was left un-responded, and business and accounts from the surrounding community were actively engaged in.

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