Design CP. Website

Design your life.

Design CP. is an inspiring interior design studio led by the talented, powerhouse designer, Caryn Paradis. Located in Chester, Connecticut, CP.’s detailed, intentional, and transformative work tells a story all its own.

Project Goals

Design CP. came to Julia Balfour with an existing website that didn’t feel likeĀ her. She had 26 years of experience, a defined style, and wanted her website to reflect that while exhibiting her show stopping work. Through refining the CP. brand and expanding the color palette, the JB team was able to translate what it was like to step into a Design CP. interior and make you want Caryn to redo your whole home.

What We Did:

  • Website Design & Coding
  • Information Architecture

Thanks, It's a CP. Interior


Working with foundational building blocks for the Design CP. brand, the Design team collaborated with Caryn and her team to expand upon the CP. look and feel. Choosing an old style, stunning serif font with thin hairlines and narrow proportions, the team rounded out the typefaces, complementing the original Avenir brand font (Caryn’s absolute favorite!) A deep, rich teal blue and bright, pop of orange were added to the neutral color palette, giving the CP. brand the energy they work into the spaces they create. With captivating photography of their stunning work the main focus of the site, exaggerated slim margins, organic abstract photo layouts, and much breathing room and white space were integrated to let Design CP.’s work shine.

Design CP Design Elements 07

Surprise, Surprise

Portfolio Studies

One of the most important things our team wanted to feature was Design CP.’s portfolio. It’s not hard to be captivated by Caryn’s work, but we wanted to find a balance between treating it like art on a museum wall and infusing the CP. team’s energy into it. How do we do that? By creating a special row for the homepage that displays featured projects in an unassuming, organic flow and delighting the user with a hover state that turns the background of the site to an important color from the portfolio shot, and overlaying it with large text that captures the overarching feeling and intent behind the design. Unexpected? Yes. Delightful? Double yes.